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's lead in the poll is nine, 53-44. enupigd now, even s to be in the face of this coordinated attack from the right. with me now are mother jones bureau chief and msnbc political contributor david corn and cynthia tucker. i want to talk about theood news for the obama team right now. cynthia, why do you think -- take a minute here -- despite this ugly campaign i've just pointed out in its pattern, its thread, what they are doing to try to delegitime this president, why is he doing well in the toughest states? >> we've talked about what campaign has done wrong. we haven't spent as much time talking about the things obama has done right. obama has done a lot of things for e thing, he's just a stronger candidate. he relates to people better. he's more approachable. his favorability rates are higher, while romney has high unfavorability ratings. but obama actually has a set of principles he believesn. so, he has a message that he carries out on the campaign trail over and over again. mitt romney doesn't appear to have anything he believes in so he has spent a lot of the ama kes rlves atopping
. and -- s h ife,au like to have himho ifca the pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics. >> and -- >> i wish this president would love how to be an american. >> and -- >> no one's ever asked to see my birth rtificate. >> and this rank twees, obama sympathizes with attackers in egypt. and then last night -- >> he's not a real president. >> tonight on "hardball" we show you the true ugly campaign being run agnst the president. tath awo big new of this ugly poll numbers running in his direction. we give them to you tonight. let's check the hardball scoreboard. according to a "new york times"/c/quinnipiac poll, obama leads romney by t points. down iflorida, t psi's le tol is nine, 53-44. the president looks to be opening up a big lead now, even in the face of this coordinated attack from the right. with me now are mother jones bureau chief and msnbc politic contritoravor cynthia tucker. i want to talk about the good news for the obama team right now. cynthia, why do you think -- take a minute here -- despite is ugly campaign i've just pointed out in its pattern, its thread,
he was born in the u.s. the rest areo ondegr or thothebirtrs. and just to make you feel a little better about that and let you know how low information these voters are on the right, catch this. two-thirds of republicans say there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq when our troops got there in 2003. do they have amnesia? semes thlastine ars?d inheir what explains this many people being so out to lunch they don't even remember how "w," remember him, he s president, blew his whole reason for sending our troops in there in the first place. how can peop be soelpless. anyway, this may explain why romney is inrouble because of ut t tnk har joing is ward fineman and joe klein of the times. let's take a look at the two polls. the two key states ohio and florida. according to "the washington post," president obama has a four-point lead over mitt romney in florida. four points downheren a ry tough state. 51%,/47% for obama. in ohio, the president's lead is a more comfortable eight points. 52/44. that's dramatic. we have joining us -- let's take a look at that for a minute. howard fi
the attacks on the u.s. consulate. he called it disgraceful. went further, obama sympathizes with attackers in egypt, the rnc chair tweeted, referring to a similar assault on the u.s. embassy in cairo. the accusation that the president sympathized with muslim militants echoes past attacks from the right. what's new in romney's statement in libya is its wildness. the president never said he sympathized with the crowds in libya and egypt protesting an anti-muslim film, apparently made in los angeles. "time" magazine's mark hallperin and howard fineman. take a look at the timeline of events over a very significant 24-hour period. it started yesterday morning about 6 a.m. eastern time. noon in cairo. that's when the american embassy put out a statement saying it condemns the continuing effort by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslim, in reference in part to the movie. throughout the day in cairo protesters marched on the embassy protesting the film. at noon the embassy wall was breached and the american flag was ripped down around 10:00 at night. secretary clinton relea
." now to the "sideshow" signal ."s "snl" was back. here is it's take on clint eastwood. >> just american legend clint eastwood performing one half of a conversation with an invisible, irritated, and foul-mouthed barack obama. it's the show audiences are giving a sitting ovation. obama isn't the only politician in the hot seat. don't miss clint taking it to jimmy carter. >> nice work on those hostages. that turned out great. >> may your michael bloomberg. >> just let people eat soda. >> and chris christie. >> i think we're going to need a bigger chair. >> what happens when bain capital comes to town. >> after bain capital shut down the mill, i was out of work for a year. >> mitt romney and bain capital bought the textile mill where raymond had worked for 18 years, then shut it down. >> next i worked as a trucker, but then bain came along, bought the trucking company and i lost that job, too. i then got hired part time at an orange julius until bain acquired that franchise and shut it down, not the whole company you understand, just that one store. at this point i said to myself, what the
to be safe and being able to perform their jobs. the arab spring is going to involve the u.s. but also diplomatic efforts. it's a very tough day for america. in that context, i think that governor romney has every right and obligation to criticize the current administration's foreign policy but to go out without knowing all of the facts and to go off at a time when if he had something to say he could have said it at the white house. i think it's a mistake politically. in the long run i think it's a mistake politically. it cuts him off from most republicans on capitol hill who, as howard said, have not been outspoken and i think it's the wrong thing to do. he's right to criticize and make points. if he has good points to make about how it's a failure of the president's leadership, let him do it in a day or two. >> mark is absolutely right. and it became a somber occasion than mitt romney realized at the time when he was trying to make cheap political points. >> that's what happens. >> some people have to understand of what happened here. first of all, the embassy in cairo, without any a
as a white knight, coming in and rescuing the company, that is, the u.s. economy. and he didn't have to do much beyond that. as he's finding out, that's not the way the game plays if you want to be leader of the united states. >> there are chinks in his armor, by the way. he didn't count on the knight from arkansas showing up either, bill clinton. >> sir lancelot. >> sir lancelot showed up in the fields and he's not the guy to go jousting with. thank you, to complete the last reference to that metaphor. >>> coming up, more right wing vitriol. newt gingrich said president obama isn't a real president, he said that last night, he says he's a false president. when will this right wing effort stop to stop the legitimacy of this president? we'll talk about the relentless campaign. >>> also, the lead president obama enjoys in the polls may be helping democrats on other job races like senate. tonight we'll talk to one senate candidate whose fortunes are on the rise, wisconsin's tammy baldwin. mitt romney isn't succeeding as a solo act so the romney campaign is putting mitt romney and paul ryan on
ignored far more evidence than we knew that al qaeda was planning an attack on u.s. soil. >>> finally, let me finish tonight with the elephants who blame the guys with the brooms for the mess the elephants left on the boulevard. you mow who i'm talking about. this is "hardball," the place for politics. hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ >>> we've got a poll out of that key battleground state of ohio, and for that we go to the "hardball" scoreboard. here it is. according to a new poll, president obama has a four-point lead over mitt romney, 47%, 43% in ohio. keep in mind, that poll tinds to lean towards republicans. we'll be right back. hey, bro. or engaging. lean towards republicans. we'll be right back. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps yo
yo, texas, the keynote will spotlight the democratic coalition, the one he need s engaged if he's going to win the election. latest nbc news/wall street journal has mitt romn[ inaudibl don't know where the 6% went. among women, the president leads mitt romney by ten point. among voters under 35, obama leads by 11. this week obama needs to make sure they're fired up and ready to vote. anyway, joining me now, is u.s. congressman elijah cummings, he's from maryland, great guy and representative. we have the united states senator amy, who's harder to get on this show but glad she's here. thank you so much. you know, i feel like the odd man out here. older white guys the only people that aren't voting for obama. what's going on here? congressman, you represent all kinds of people in maryland. >> that's right. >> what's going on in this division and what can the president do to keep his part of the american electorate and gain some more from the other side? >> i think the president needs to talk about what he's already done. and tell us about -- remind us of the journey we've been on.
, it seems to me that people who once you get into your late 60s, early 70s, into your 80s, you have one primary care, and that's what you're always talking about with your friends, how is your health? how is it going? you're social life in many ways is going to see the doctodoctor. you have to survive, see your kids and grand kids. you don't walk away and say i'd like to cut it but i don't like his health care program. >> the most remarkable thing when you go back and look at the state by state swing state polls, in florida or in wisconsin or in ohio or in iowa, the remarkable thing and the only thing that has changed in terms of the demographics is that barack obama is now tied with mitt romney or beating mitt romney among voters over 60. that's the very group that is the most skeptical of barack obama. they have been the hardest group for him to win over, but he is now winning them over and there's only one reason for that, it is medicare. and, you know, as much as i totally understand what howard fineman was saying, there was no other reason to pick paul ryan other than his budget. p
gotten back up and people admire that. they look back, i think, to the '90s and even a lot of republicans do with nostalgia. this was a time of peace and prosperity and good times. and tonight i think you are going to see him in the role of explainer in chief. trying to explain the disconnect between the promise of four years ago and reality. and there is no one more effective at it than the president could have asked to do this speech than he is. >> oliver wendell holmes, came across this great quote. events life. if you have a great heart, tremendous confidence in yourself, you can go through unbelievable stuff. bill clinton is going through -- let's face it, impeachment, gone through monica, he has gone through mark rich and all that junk. 30 points higher because he came back in and did the clinton global initiative. i called him in a document president of the world. this guy can get elected -- you take him to norway he would probably knock the president off there in the next election. oral jeer yeah. >> most popular political figure on the globe. >> i want to know how he does it. you
. go like a pro. >>> welcome back to "hardball." the battle for control of the u.s. senate is likely to hinge on a few states that could either way. and right now they're too close to call. in virginia for months the former democratic governor tim kaine seemed to be underperforming president obama in his home state. no better than tied with the other former governor and former senator george allen. this week four polls put cain up an average of five points. the most impressive poll was by "the washington post" which gave him an eight-point edge. with me now is the democratic candidate for senate for virginia tim kaine. governor, thanks so much for joining us. why do you think the republican agenda nationally and in your state, the old dominion, is bad for women. >> for a whole bunch of reasons. first, virginia was sort of the epicenter this year of a lot of bills that really went of a women's health care, invasive ultrasound procedure promoted by my governor and my opponent stood silent and znd condemn them. personhood legislation that would criminalize abortion and potentially crimi
and the working poor, and u.s. military personnel deployed in war zones who are exempt from paying federal taxes on combat pay. see. romney mentioned the troops in a speech. >> i bet there will be more of that -- more where that came from when "saturday night live" gets into it. >>> now for a questionable casting job. i'm talking about an ad from andy barr, he's a kentucky republican running against incumbent democrat ben chandler. >> obama and chandler are destroying us, putting the coal industry out of business, it's devastating. this is our way of life. it means jobs for people around here, good-paying jobs. and ben chandler, he doesn't even care. >> so why is that ad facing a backlash? the man doing all the talking in that ad happens to be a coal company executive who's donated thousands of dollars to republican candidates. not a coal miner, as the overalls and hard hat would suggest. barr's campaign points out the executive, heath lovell, worked in the mines as a teenager. that didn't pass muster. the mine workers union who said, i've never seen anything so appalling and deceitful from the
gets tonight's word. >>> roey losing his bearings. s "ba >>> good evening i'm chris matthews in wagt let me start with this. why do we have such long campaigns for president? because it's a tryout a chance to not just kick the tires, not just to look under the hood, but to actually ta the car out for iv over the past several weeks this country has experienced what it's like being in a car with mitt romney. we've felt the swerves, the sudden shifts, the abrupt stops and reverses, the reckless changes of lan, the slipping and the sliding. thers more road ahead, of courincluding three debates, bu'rgetta e goe kexy ere he's going or even on how to drive this car. and the big question is, why is he having such a tough time? why does he seem, dare we say it, confused? could it be because he doesn't know where he's trying to take us? because he doesn't know where he wants to go? as david axelrod said, cpaigns are like an mri for the soul, oever you e, eventually led joining me now are the two men who wrote the book that resulted in a sweep of four emmys this week, "game change" authors john
suppression, lingo, attack on the president s sympathizing with the bad guys, never heard such a comprehensive effort to describe him as not american or in league with the enemy. your thoughts? >> this is all about appealing to racially resentful whites. and i have to tell you, i have been very disappointed and surprised by mitt romney's running his campaign this way. i met him back in 2007 when i was still editorial page editor at the atlanta constitution. he seemed smart, savvy, moderate, reasonable, and honorable, but i have to tell you, once he started running those outrageous ads on welfare, i knew he had put his conscience, if he has one, in a blind trust for the rest of this campaign. not only are they a clear effort to run again the southern strategy at large, this is all about telling racially resentful whites that obama wants to change work requirements so that black people don't even have to work to get government benefits. that's what the ads say. it is an outrageous lie, on top of everything else, it's a lie. >> ron, go ahead. talk about the whole thing, this whole thing about wha
of four years that lot of 's coming close to driving that message. he's still doing one event a day. still more likely to do a bad television interview that says nothing or creates a negative story or has some old video pop out. this is not left wing puntsr reerwho don't like mitt romney. this is what every republican i talk to is saying, scratching their head saying how can he continue to waste another day? i'm looking at my calendar every day, when is he going to win a single news cycle? >> i would argue more posive for obama and say he'soubled emmeate from double digits down to eight. if he does that again, he'll take it down to six. if you want to say i'll take it downwo or three points further, just stay on that continu continuum. let's take a look at this. a new obama campaign ad just put out a powerful ad ag in g ateshat mn own words against him. let's listen to this. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. who are dependent upon government, who believe that they're victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, wh
's a northeasterner. 's a populist party. he'sore or less an tablishmentarian. heanted say barack obama haileds coc arnd ainguy and so i know how to create jobs. and as soon as that fell away, as soon as people started to think that the economy was doing better, as soon as people started to think that this was about policies for the future and not just about a referendum on t past, he's found himself adrift in terms of what the message is he wants to hue to and he does feel as though this is a base election and he needs to stir up the republican se, and he doesn't have the kind of natural connection to that base that some of his -- manyther people in the party, some of the people he ran against and some of whom he didn't run against, have. >> is ate,ark,hat e bl -- to be the republican nominee this year looked like several months back just not be obama, just be a republican, and it's gotten tougher because somehow, maybe because of the clinton speech in charlotte or what economic numbers slightly changing perhaps, you have to make a bigg casthan'm just no obama. >> well, i think that the case which
shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >> and the president's on the case, he sent two u.s. warships to the libyan coast. he sent marines into tripoli, and attorney general eric holder said that he has opened up an investigation. >> as we watch the world today, it seems that we're at the mercy of events and -- a strong america depends on a strong military. this president has done something i find very hard to understand. >> joe kleine, thank you because you've got a big picture and look at this, who is romney talking about our ability to confront these local situations where a group of militants in a place like benghazi decide to go after the american embassy. >> what is being able to fight two big land wars have to do with that? >> once again the guy doesn't know what he's talking about or he's 25 years out of date. the two-war strategy was a product of the cold war when we had to have the ability to fight the russians on the planes of the earth and. >> he still thinks that the soviet union exists and is the greatest threat we have out there. it's really remarkable that a
two u.s. warships to the libyan coast and marines into tripoli and the fbi has opened an investigation into the attack that killed those four americans. contrast that with what mitt romney did today, campaigning in virginia. let's listen to him. >> as we watch the world today, sometimes it seems that we're at the mercy of events instead of shaping events and a strong america is to shape events and a strong america, by the way, depends on a strong military. this president has done something i find very hard to understand. ever since fdr, we've had the capacity to be engaged in two conflicts at once and he's saying, no, we're going to cut that back to only one conflict. >> joe klein, thank you. because you have a big picture look of this. what is mitt romney talking about that is relevant to aur our ability to deal with the group of militants in a place like benghazi that go against the embassy or going against the embassy and ambassadors of the embassy itself in care iro, be egypt. >> once again, the guy doesn't know what he's talking about or he's 25 years out of date. it was a product
-existing conditions, having your adult kids in their 20s covered which all costs money, without having an individual mandate. >> republicans have all stated continuously throughout the year that if we did repeal obama care, we would pass a law that included pre-existing conditions and i think this new thing that romney is talking about up to 25 years old. there's -- the law you can pass, it does not include -- you can have all kinds of ways to do this. you can have risk pools. you can have mandate on insurance companies which is something that is easily -- >> where does the money come from? >> there's not a cost to have the mandate. you can do that. >> i try to get insurance -- no insurance -- >> this is why the romney campaign said you have to have continuous coverage or what romney said on the campaign trail, you have to have insurance before hand. >> that's not what obama is offering. obama is offering coverage if you don't have insurance. >> well -- >> if you go pay for it. >> the idea what mitt romney believes is that the free market, the marketplace, can help cure this problem by having risk p
in the 30s or ronald reagan in the '80s tend to remake their parties in their own images, around their own core beliefs. mitt romney doesn't appear to really have a core that you can build anything around. so as a result, the party remakes him in its image, and the party, the republican party now is dominated by this -- you call them a fringe, but it is a larger chunk than that, these kind of tea party folks, and part of their thing is they demand feelty. you have to adopt their delusional world view which includes things like obama is a muslim manchurian candidate that hates america and is all about destroying the country. you have to blow the dog whistle constantly to reassure those people that you buy into that, and that is what romney is doing. we have seen what horrible trouble it has gotten him into with egypt and libya now. >> well, the dismaying if not terrifying thing, the way white people and republicans and democrats say they don't hear the whistle. anyway. i notice the republicans talking about obama this week after the american deaths in libya, the language of the other, portr
scoreboard." new pew poll president obama over romney, 51% to 43%. howard s this real, eight-point lead? >> well, it could be. i think it's significant it's likely voters. what's happening now, chris, is that some of the news organizations and polling organizations are starting to go from registered voters to likely voters, to people who are motivated. and i think while there were concerns earlier this year about whether the president obama's supporters were motivated, whether they were encouraged, whether they were excited, either by positive news or fear, i think they're motivated. if they weren't motivated before, watching that mitt romney video will sure motivate president obama's supporters. so, if it's likely voters, maybe it's accurate. >> people don't do their best work when they're being dumped on. what do you think, first the poll number, which is staggering, an eight-point lead, bouncing out of the convention but not showing yet in this particular poll the effects of that terrible recording we got of mitt romney behind the door. >> indeed. that's what's so remarkable about it
the red meat to the ha. >>s in the campaign he wouldn't have gotten the nomination. >> this is a guy who stood on stage and didn't apologize to the fact he was referring to undocumented workers as illegals and turning off magnets. it was some of the most divisive comments we've heard. mitt romney has forfeited that. what you are seeing right now is a magnetic moral compass that has no true north. this is like a conch shell. you pick it up and there is nothing there. i have no idea what -- >> we did that as kids in ocean city, new jersey. it wasn't just backing away from the 47% comments. he also seemed to go wobbly on issues ranging from health care as john heilemann just pointed out to gay marriage and immigration. here is what romney said about health care. take a listen. >> i have experience in health care reform. now and then the president says i'm the grandfather of obama care. i don't think he meant that as a compliment but i'll take it. this was during my primary. we thought it might not be helpful. >> let's get back to the whole question here of the way he did that 47% because it
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 100 (some duplicates have been removed)